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Thank You!

leap of faith


from Valerie Oxorn in Toronto:

These bracelets are brilliant, multi-sensory experiences: sound, colour, texture. To have and hold the energy of these precious medicine beads is so healing. And giving them their own protective pouches truly enhances and validates their potential power. A beautiful way to invite these energies and archetypes into your life. Thanks, Judy!


from Yvonne Dommershuijzen in The Netherlands:

My pouches and pendulum arrived…. and they are gorgeous (the photographs on your site did not really do them justice – they are much more beautiful)!

Thank you for selling them to me.

Both packages arrived last Saturday, so it only took them a week to get to Europe.

Thank you so much too for the sweet and thoughtful gift you added: a two of cups drawing featuring my own cat… how cool, and how true!

I shall treasure this gift, you can be sure of that.

Best wishes, Yvonne


from Vicki Barkla in Peterborough:

“With Judy’s gentle, delightful, and artistically skillfull guidance, I felt creatively empowered as I created my circle of beads that I love and cherish. I use them regularly in my personal meditation practise; they are beautiful to use and they hold the sacred expression of my soul’s intention. With love and gratefulness, Judy. Vicki”


from James Wells in Toronto:

“Your altar is exquisite, Judy. Your art is such an expression of the Sacred!”


from Carolyn Cushing in Massachusetts:

“Greetings, Judy! I have been showing off your Tarot bag and people are loving it. Even my partner John who is quite picky really appreciated it. I’ll have to remind him how to get in touch with you around my birthday / holiday time . Hope all is well, Carolyn”


from Adrienne McKean in Toronto:

“You are amazing. This is a beautiful blog”



Today, I received the Stylish Blogger Award from  James  Wells.  Thank you kind sir.. shall I make us some ‘stylish blogger statuettes’!

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