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Gaian Retreat

October 10, 2011

meadow within magical circle of trees

bumped into another lady out walking in the woods

green and red leaves seen through the branches of the apple tree I was sitting in

Mmmmm… so nice to be in the forest, by the creek, in the meadow on such a warm sunny fragrant Thanksgiving week-end.

Waking in the morning to see a beautiful, graceful woman doing Tai chi outside my window and a deer standing close by watching her in curiosity.

Sharing real feelings with a community of like-hearted people.

Like the nut-collecting chipmunks and squirrels around me.. gathering enough warmth and sunshine to last the whole winter.

Making heartfelt connections with the dear women(and man) who took home my creations.. goddess bracelets, tarot bags, pendulums, pendants.


SAMOVILA lady of the beasts






To Bev and James.. thank you for conceiving of this and bringing it to juicy fruition. To Joanna… you were just as warm and wonderful as the weather.  To all the presenters… you were inspired and it rubbed off on us.  To my room-mate… Yay you!

And to Maria, who came all the way from Kingston to babysit Francine… thank you thank you thank you.. couldn’t have done it without you.

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