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Reciprocal Healing

January 19, 2011

painting by patricia wyatt

I have been following James Wells’ posts on ‘daily practises’ and sharing some of my own as we go along. Today’s is what James’ calls “Reciprocal Healing”. My experience of that is…

When I sit down to my daily practise or when I am experiencing a particular joy or challenge, I try to remember to recite these words.. I feel them very deeply…

“May my experience of this joy(or challenge) be of benefit both directly and indirectly.” to all that I ‘touch’ today.”

And a way I have of sharing the joy or the pain for myself, is to say

“All over the world and since the beginning of time, women(or people) have been experiencing this(fill in the blank).  May we all benefit from my work with it.”

This is loosely based on the Buddhist concept of Tonglin.  I have softened the practise to my comfort level so that I can work with it freely and wholeheartedly .  I highly recommend doing something like that so that you can give your practise your all!

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  1. jameswells permalink
    January 20, 2011 2:17 pm

    When offered with a sincere heart, your words will, no doubt, ripple out to all beings, in all time, in all places. Thanks, Judy!

  2. January 20, 2011 3:21 pm

    Thanks James. There’s also a comforting and connecting quality to this practise that helps us to feel we are not alone in our difficulties.. that sooo many others share the experience. Ditto our joys and passion. In my case.. I often say “women”, someone else might say “teachers” or “athletes”…

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