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Daily Practise

January 10, 2011

Morning altar

my medicine beads.. connecting to all I hold sacred


James Wells and Joanna Powell Colbert have recently been speaking of their personal practises on their respective blogs. and .  They have inspired me to also share some of my own nourishing practises,  with them(see James’ Jan. 10th blog entry) and here.

There are sliding glass doors off my bedroom that open to the east, so greeting the sun is the first thing I do each morning. A little song, some little chants, (“a little seltzer down your pants”!).. boy does that ever date me!

When I am keeping up my practise I sit for an indefinate amount of time each morning at my altar and meditate. Lately I have been using my first set of Medicine Beads(see Nov. 29 post) to connect with all that I hold sacred.  When I have time, I also take a tarot card for the day, which not only guides me but I also learn more about the tarot this way.  These two practises, give me such a grounded start.   I seem to flow through the day with a lot more peace and well-being when I am doing them.

Here is my comment to James’ post this morning.                                         “I gain so much from my regular morning or pre-sleep practices.. especially because they are regular. And(not ‘but’) I have noticed that I have some practises that pop up with certain experiences or times. For instance… sitting on the subway for any length of time has been a valuable time for me, for years. Sometimes, I connect with Earth Mother about travelling through Her body. Sometimes I do a kind of Buddhist exercise involving all the people on the subway car with me and be a ‘silent watcher’, neither holding aversion nor attachment to them.. but allowing them to come and go through my awareness with friendly inquisitiveness. This practise truly is, for me, ‘practising’ a way of being in the world and in my mind that brings me well-being.
Hmmm… think I might go over to my blog ( and start an account of some of these different daily practises, James.  You and Joanna have truly inspired me to honour, even share, these nourishing activities.  Thank you so much. ”

More coming,  ‘I got a million of them” ..oops, there’s that Vaudeville-quote reference again!                                                                                              Till the next time…

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  1. James Wells permalink
    January 11, 2011 3:46 pm

    Your altar is exquisite, Judy. Your art is such an expression of the Sacred!

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